Familie van Helvoort

Henrick Danielsz van OsAge: 63 years14851548

Henrick Danielsz van Os
Given names
Henrick Danielsz
van Os
Birth about 1485 35

MarriageN.N. View this family

Birth of a son
Daniel Henricksz van Osch
about 1515 (Age 30 years)

Birth of a son
Aelbert Hendricksz van Os
about 1520 (Age 35 years)

Marriage of a childDaniel Henricksz van OschGeertruyd ValckenaersView this family
Type: Religious marriage
about 1547 (Age 62 years)

Death before 1548 (Age 63 years)

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Family with N.N. - View this family
6 years

  1. Generation 1
    1. Henrick Danielsz van Os, son of Daniel Claes van Os and N.N. , was born about 1485 and died before 1548. He married N.N. .

      Children of Henrick Danielsz van Os and N.N. :

      1. Daniel Henricksz van Osch (15151568)
      2. Aelbert Hendricksz van Os (1520)
  2. Generation 2back to top
    1. Daniel Henricksz van Osch, bierbrouwer, son of Henrick Danielsz van Os and N.N. , was born about 1515 and died in 1568. He married Geertruyd Valckenaers about 1547. She was born about 1525 and died on December 21, 1585.

      Children of Daniel Henricksz van Osch and Geertruyd Valckenaers:

      1. Henricus Daniels van Osch (15501627)
      2. Mechtelt Daniels van Osch (1555)
      3. Aelbert Danielsz van Osch (1555)
      4. Hilleken Daniel van Osch (15601644)
      5. Mariken Daniels van Osch (1560)
      6. Peterken Daniels van Osch (1565)
  3. Generation 3back to top
    1. Henricus Daniels van Osch, brouwer, borgemeester, schepen, notaris, son of Daniel Henricksz van Osch and Geertruyd Valckenaers, was born about 1550 and died in 1627 in Sint-Michielsgestel. He married Elken Dirck Gerlings van Orthen in 1570. She died in 1639 in Sint-Michielsgestel.

      Children of Henricus Daniels van Osch and Elken Dirck Gerlings van Orthen:

      1. Daniel Henrik Daniels van Osch (15721612)
      2. Katelijn Henrics Daniels van Osch (1580)
      3. Abraham Henrik Daniels van Osch (1585)
      4. Isaac Henrik Daniels van Osch (1585)
      5. Nicolaas Hendrik Daniel van Osch (15901663)
      6. Geertruijdt Henrik van Osch (1590)
      7. Marike Henrik van Osch (1590)